The giant fly wants you to buy some stuff

This intense and cinematic two-minute commercial from Spanish agency Road and Brazilian director Cisma is called "The Fly and the Eye." It fuses ideas from '50s sci-fi films, with Luis Buñuel, David Lynch and David Cronenberg art-house fare thrown in, along with a hat straight out of Mad Men. Keep an eye out for the cool giant fly. He's reading a newspaper. Does that make it a fly paper? Ha ha ha! The client is a company called OCB, which markets rolling papers in France (it figures). But the spot actually promotes the firm's Black Thinking collection of T-shirts, booklets and stickers. I am sorry about that "fly paper" line. I've got to stop rolling my own with OCB. Ha ha! Man, I could go for some chips right about now.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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