Ghastly and Gorgeous: Intricate Paper Art Replicates Human Innards

Mmm, cadaver slices

Not many artists find inspiration among cadaver slices, but Lisa Nilsson is clearly not your average artist. Nilsson has created an amazingly intricate art style that uses folded paper and book remnants to create accurate reproductions of human organs, bones and tissues.

The result, on display through this week at New York's Pavel Zoubok Gallery, is both macabre and mind-blowing. Using a Renaissance-era technique called quilling, Nilsson folds strips of Japanese mulberry paper into shapes and patterns drawn from medical references (including the actual wafer slices of cadavers from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project).

On her website, Nilsson shares many pieces of her work and more background on the quilling technique. "I find quilling exquisitely satisfying for rendering the densely squished and lovely internal landscape of the human body in cross section," she says.

More images below. Via Fast Company.