Get your World Cup sex souvenirs now

Every four years, someone trots out a study that says men (in Europe and South America, anyway) overwhelmingly prefer watching World Cup soccer to having sex. Erotic retailers naturally wonder why it has to be one or the other. As the 2006 tournament nears, many of them are rolling out World Cup-themed sex toys and apparel. The thongs shown here, done up in the colors of Germany, Brazil and Italy, are among a large selection of World Cup sex products on sale at Beate Uhse, Germany’s erotic superstore. The company is also selling six “sporty vibrators,” tight-fitting soccer jerseys for women and an “erotic energy drink,” guaranteeing “an erotic home game that is a lot more exciting than any football tournament,” say the promotional materials. Not to be outdone, U.K. sex shop LoveHoney has introduced the England Victory Vibe, a vibrator emblazoned with St. George’s Cross. The product description pulls no punches: “G-oh-oh-ooal! Come on, England! Go 45 minutes each way with this mini orgasm machine and you’ll feel like you’ve won the World Cup of sex!”

—Posted by Tim Nudd