Get a piece of your favorite NBC program

With the writers strike that no one will shut up about still in full effect, Heroes fans need other ways to find out what happens to their favorite characters, and I guess the fangirls need another piece of Skylar to squee over. So, it’s fortunate timing that NBC is holding an online auction of stuff from its shows. The Hollywood Reporter, um, reports that “three original paintings … featured in NBC’s hit series that foretell the [Heroes] characters’ future are part of an online auction launching Monday.” It also includes stuff from The Office, 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights. The Office is even putting up Michael Scott’s Timex watch, although Dwight’s personalized bobblehead doll would have been better. And as long as we’re pitching ideas, 30 Rock should sell the chance to have Tracy Morgan appear at your next family function dressed as Oprah.

—Posted by David Kiefaber