Get out the vote with hyper-specific ads

BlueLithium has launched a behaviorally targeted ad network that allows political candidates to advertise online to specific voter segments by gender, age, geography, interests and — most importantly — income. The BlueLithium Voter Network helps politicos test ad campaigns, fine-tune messages, troll for volunteers, raise money, etc. That’s fine for Clinton, Obama, Giuliani, McCain and Romney. But what about the more obscure hopefuls like Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo? Perhaps they can just use the service as a Facebook-style social network to make new friends. They have a marginally better chance of getting poked* than elected. (*Yes, I just Googled to find a Facebook term. I’m clearly too uncool to actually join a social networking site. Naturally, I’ll vote for Tancredo just to be a contrarian.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio