Get in line for AdsOnFeet

Reading about the following advertising innovation made me kind of nostalgic for those guys outside of Grand Central in Manhattan who used to wear crude sandwich boards advertising free Kodak film, the ground beneath their feet littered with the fliers they’d handed out to disinterested pedestrians. A 24-year-old Emerson College dropout, David Everett, now has a business in which the sandwich boards are actually flat-screen TVs that turn the wearer into a walking TV commercial. (It costs $2500 for advertisers to hire one of the company’s walking, eating, breathing billboards.) Called AdsOnFeet, his company is briefly profiled in this week’s Newsweek, which points out that “Everett left school after his idea earned him a D.” You’d have to give Emerson some credit for what appears to be a belief in media restraint—just because someone can wear a flat-screen TV, doesn’t mean he should. On the other hand, it’s a little naïve on the college’s part to believe that companies such as Verizon and HBO wouldn’t see this idea as having, well, legs.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor