Gen Y fears wrinkles, loves Sarah Jessica

Isn’t Gen Y a bit young to be in the market for anti-aging cosmeceuticals? No, apparently we’re not. Despite Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” and the general spread of feminist ideas, women are buying anti-aging products at younger and younger ages. For this, we can partly thank the Sex and the City empire—a show (and now movie) lauded for pressing the feminist perspective with respect to sex, but whose characters can’t get by without the latest beauty and fashion products. Which brings us to the fantastic decision by Garnier to use Sarah Jessica Parker in its anti-aging commercials. Who better than someone with feminist cred to sell manufactured youth—even to Gen Y, since we’re evidently in the market for it? “But SJP is in her 40s!” you say. “How can she appeal to Gen Y?” If you haven’t noticed, Sex and the City is hugely popular among younger women. And let’s just say, this twentysomething now owns some Garnier Ultra Lift Deep Wrinkle cream.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers