GE, BBDO try some 1-second theatrics

The New York Times has the scoop this morning on GE’s One Second Theater, the new campaign from BBDO that’s a 21st-century take on the old General Electric Theater TV series from the ’50s and ’60s. The idea, basically, is that GE will place 1-second ads on TV networks, encouraging viewers with DVRs to pause the commercials and move through them frame by frame. (Didn’t Comedy Central try this once with Short Attention Span Theater?) The still frames, supported by MySpace pages, podcasts and more, will give a little (possibly embellished) personal history about the animals in GE’s recent “Ecoimagination” spots. It’s sort of hard to envision, before the launch, how this will work out—it looks like the ads will go live beginning with the Today show on Monday morning. BBDO obviously believes viewers will be intrigued. I guess that partly depends on how these 1-seconds blips look in real speed. (It’s hard to imagine they’ll be visible at all on DVR fast-forward.) The campaign does have one big thing going for it: It has a gecko. Which is like getting … free pie and chips.

—Posted by Tim Nudd