Gates and Seinfeld want to be regular guys


Those who keep panning Microsoft’s Jerry Seinfeld-Bill Gates campaign will soon be eating crow. (A subject I know something about, thank you A-Rod for a half-assed effort all year.) Sure, there’s much one could dislike about the initiative: Seinfeld, Gates, Microsoft, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. And yet these elements, deadly on their own, somehow fuse into a pleasingly goofy whole. It’s tough to turn away, and the buzz keeps building. This latest (nearly five-minute!) installment, posted above, finds the guys slumming in suburbia to learn how it feels to be average Joes. Jerry cracks wise ("I’ve got so many cars, I get stuck in my own traffic") and Bill does the robot dance. It plays like Seinfeld crossed with The Brady Bunch and an unintentionally bad PBS documentary. Seinfeld’s show, one of the most enduring hits in the history of electronic media, was famously about nothing. And these spots are about nothing much. So at least they can’t do any real harm. Which is more than you can say for Windows Vista.

—Posted by David Gianatasio