Gaming Firm Responds to PR Nightmare With 1,200-Word Press Release

Epic meltdown, epic damage control

More than 16,000 emails, many of them made up largely of obscenities, have flooded into the small video-game controller company at the center of this week's epic PR meltdown, according to the man who says he was brought in to clean up the debris. (Check out our previous post for details.) "Some of the emails are just vitriol, but some are valid, even large-scale customers," says Moisés Chiullan, the new press agent for N-Control's Avenger controller. "We're going to respond to every single one of them." The email deluge began when popular webcomic Penny Arcade posted the transcript of a customer's heated email exchange with the controller company's previous PR point man, Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing, whose wretched customer-service skills were matched only by his wretched spelling. Attempting to salvage the Avenger's reputation and clarify that Christoforo is no longer in the picture, N-Control has issued a lengthy and detailed press release, which you can read verbatim after the jump. In addition to the abject apologies and finger pointing you might expect, there are quite a few entertaining tidbits, such as Chiullan's official comment on his predecessor: "We have to move forward and take care of Avenger's customers. I can't worry about the fact that there isn't a bus big enough for me to throw Paul Christoforo under. The internet did that for me. I think they set him on fire too." Unsurprisingly, Christoforo tells Kotaku that he feels like "the entire world was bullying me" and he probably should have handled it "a little better."