Gamers salivating over ‘Gears of War’ spot

Gow This Gears of War video game, which is being released today for the Xbox 360, looks pretty wild. Here’s an impressive commercial for it, featuring the Tears for Fears song “Mad World,” as covered by Gary Jules (which you may remember from Donnie Darko). Apparently, Fight Club director David Fincher had a hand in the spot’s creation; it was directed by Joseph Kosinski. Xbox fans love the ad so much, they’ve put together at least 39 different spoofs of it, using alternate music, mostly. Described as a “third-person tactical action/horror game,” GOW centers on an alien race of insect-like creatures that take over the planet. Your job is to shoot them up. Link via Jason Kottke. UPDATE: This version, with music by Sufjan Stevens, is particularly good.

—Posted by Tim Nudd