Fresno asks for Prius plant, gets humiliated

The new Prius spot by 22Squared takes a smug-but-fun look into a future dominated by hipsters driving hybrids. Two things seem to stick out. First, in the future, the pinkie salute is apparently neither a critique of your manjunk nor grounds for a road-rage bottle-toss. Second, the ad likens Fresno, Calif., to a gas station or a ghost town. (OK, so it likens gas stations to Fresno, but same difference.) Come on, taking a dig at Fresno? Sure, it can seem like a sprawled-out, soul-smothering expanse of urban decay and property crime. But does the Raisin Capital of the World really deserve an international company’s prophecy that the town will suck well into the distant future? The sad irony here is that Fresno spent a lot of time and energy stumping to be the home of Toyota’s first Prius plant in the U.S. Judging from this commercial, I guess the answer to that is a big fat no. Via Ads of the World. UPDATE: The story continues here.

—Posted by David Griner