FREAKY AD MOMENTS OF 2007, Vote #5: Bedside shotguns, bunnies, fake orgasms

Vote5Freakiest Advertising Moment of 2007: Round 1, Vote 5.
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  Here are contenders 17 through 20.
  17. The Back-Up bedside gun rack. Who wouldn’t want the peace of mind that comes with a bedside gun rack, for easy access to your shotgun while sleeping. An instant-classic ad.
  18. DQ’s amorous desserts. Mr. Waffle and Ms. Soft Serve did everything but actually have intercourse in this set of “Made for each other” commercials.
  19. Farmers Insurance’s bunny ad. The Donnie Darko of insurance spots. So deeply weird, in fact, that no trace remains of this commercial online. Oh well. Trust us, it was freaky. UPDATE: Here it is.
  20. E-jeweler’s simulated sex. The fake orgasm stepped out of hair-care commercials and into the jewelry category.
  Vote below for the freakiest of the four. Voting goes until 11 p.m. EST Tuesday night, and the winner advances to Round 2.
  UPDATE: The Back-Up blows away the competiton and advances to the next round. See the voting results here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd