FREAKIEST ADVERTISING MOMENT OF 2007: Pick a winner in our year-end tournament

Popcorn kings back from the dead. Insane little lads obsessed with berries and cream. Car drivers eating bird poo. Milked men. There was no shortage of freaky ad moments in 2007. Now, we’re going to try to pick the single freakiest one — with your help. We’ve gone back through all the stories we posted this year, selected what we think are the 64 most freaky (in a good way or not-so-good way), and thrown them into a March Madness- style bracket. Beginning next week, we’ll hold votes, round by round, until a single winner is left standing — bruised, bloodied, yet resplendent in its utter freakishness. We might even have a little something special for the winning agency. So drop by next week, when the games begin.

—Posted by Tim Nudd