Our Freakiest Ad of 2008 contest continues today with the last spot in the Final Four up for grabs. Check out the eight ads below, and vote for the freakiest one at the bottom of the post. The top vote-getter joins the Evil Dead headless dude, the Doritos spicy tongue and Ross the lippy Converse kisser in the Final Four. See all 32 finalists here, in alphabetical order.
  UPDATE: OK, we’re closing down the vote on this one, too. And the Dutch Socialist Party’s naked 86-year-old woman—a real Cinderella story, we feel—has secured her trip to next week’s Final Four.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Canex | “Yorkie”

This gross print campaign made you wonder if you’re actually feeding your dog—or the worms inside him. [Read more]

Old Spice | “Centaur”

The too-often-marginalized man-horse hybrid got a chance to shine in this Old Spice spot. [Read more]

Dutch Socialist Party | “Connie”

What’s that? You want to see a nude 86-year-old woman criticizing Holland’s homecare policy? OK, you got it. [Read more]

Danish Cancer Society | “Bear Trap”

A trip to the tanning booth did not end well for this young woman. [Read more]

Barbecues Galore | “Chicken”

What can you say to your chicken dinner when he asks you to hook him up with a girl just as you’re marinating him? [Read more]

Burger King | “Morning Tongue”

After dreaming of hash browns filled with cheese, the hero of this BK spot woke up with a nasty case of “morning tongue.” [Read more]

Jack in the Box | “Make a Jack Sandwich”

This Web site urged you to upload photos of yourself and a special friend, so all three of you could sleaze out in the hot tub. [Read more]

Jokk | “The Trap”

Hunting for berries to make Sweden’s Jokk juices is extremely dangerous, but worth it. [Read more]