Foster-Care Billboards See Lives Turned Upside Down

Drivers in Wisconsin might wonder about the sobriety of the local billboard workers this month, as four dozen outdoor ads across the state now show an upside-down image of an adult and child, with no copy. It's no accident, of course—as people will see on May 2, when the images are flipped right side up, and joined by copy that reads, "Turn a life around," along with the URL The campaign, for Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, is by Serve Marketing, which is something of a specialist in outdoor stunt PSAs—having once affixed scratch-and-sniff dirty diapers to bus shelters as an anti-pregnancy incentive. "For kids out there without parents or a safe, stable place to call home, their world is absolutely upside down," Serve's Gary Mueller says of the foster-care campaign. "Nothing is right when you live in that world, so we've taken the upside-down world of kids and applied it to every part of the campaign to create an emotional connection and inspire more adults to become foster parents." Also as part of the campaign, the agency is encouraging people to flip their profile pics upside down on Facebook