offers Ford 360°

Ford has begun to put its footage where its “Bold Moves” slogan is, releasing the first in a series of documentary-style short films meant to illustrate the company’s attempts to move forward. We’re sure most of the focus in the blogosphere/media will be on the films themselves, but the site is actually more intriguing when analyzed from the perspective of whether this advertiser “gets” new media or not. And Ford does. Not only has Ford made it easy to embed its video on blogs, as seen above, but the site presents a surprisingly unvarnished perspective on the state of the company. There are point/counterpoint posts on whether there is still such a thing as an American car, complete with some painful commentary from outsiders on the state of the company. (“I don’t own a Ford because Ford offers absolutely nothing like the car I purchased. The worst part? My family owns a Ford/LM dealership!”) It also includes a news feed from Yahoo! about Ford, which, when we stopped by the site this morning, was trumpeting that Standard & Poor’s has downgraded the company’s credit rating. This site is a bold move indeed. A shout-out to to I-Boy for making sure this was on our radar screen.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor