Ford country says no to Toyota

The neighborhood of Cherry Hill Village in Canton, Mich., has said thanks but no thanks to Toyota, which wanted to shoot its “Toyotaville” ads there. The concept is to show a Toyota parked in every driveway and a couple arriving to the neighborhood and saying, “I think we’re going to like this place.” But when Ford employees and their friends started complaining, the deal was scrapped. “Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I don’t understand the excitement of Toyota in what is traditionally and what will hopefully continue to be Chrysler, Ford and GM country,” said one Canton resident. “Southeast Michigan, rightly or wrongly, was built on the automotive industry. I feel like there should be some loyalty to dance with the one that brought you.” Said another: ”I think my biggest problem was that they wanted to park the cars in the driveways. If they wanted to come shoot a commercial here and the cars were just driving through, that’s one thing – it’s a public area – but parking in front of the houses was too much.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd