For E3, Miller Lite Made 200 Beer Cans That Double as Video Game Controllers

To earn one, you must beat Eric Andre at Street Fighter V

Only 200 Cantrollers were created for E3, where they must be earned via virtual combat. Miller Lite
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For many adult gamers, there’s just something that feels right about competing against friends or getting lost in a fantasy world with a cold beer by your side. But you’ve only got two hands. How can you hold a controller and a beer? Miller Lite has found a way.

Introducing the Cantroller, a video game controller that also holds 12 ounces of Miller Lite. The Cantroller claims to be a fully functioning controller equipped with USB charging, bluetooth, haptic feedback and, of course, beer.

Created as a special promotion coinciding with the massive gaming expo E3, going on this week, the 200 Cantrollers will be up for grabs at the event. All players have to do is take down comedian Eric Andre at the fighting game Street Fighter V during E3.

Andre also narrates the trailer created by ad agency DDB for the Cantroller’s reveal:

Andre will begin taking on challengers today. The comedian will surely have no shortage of people to play against at one of the largest video game conferences in the world. The activation will be livestreamed on Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming platform that’s become the default viewing hub for video games.

This appears to be the debut of Miller Lite’s Twitch channel, but they have other examples of corporate success on Twitch as a guide. Companies like Wendy’s and Old Spice have successfully used unique events on company channels as an extension of their social media strategy.

Twitch may present an ideal opportunity for marketers to connect with a hard-to-reach, young demographic, but drawing attention on the crowded platform requires a brand to stand out with something truly unique. Unique like, say, a beer can turned into a controller and handed out by a famous comedian playing Street Fighter? Seems right up Twitch’s alley.

Here’s a closer look at some of the Cantroller’s features:

Cantroller, the Miller Lite video game controller can

Cantroller, the Miller Lite video game controller can

Cantroller, the Miller Lite video game controller can

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