Follow the (brown) finger with Butterfinger

Perhaps jealous of South Africa’s lonely finger, Nestlé’s Butterfinger has launched a new Web site,, which details the exploits of an extremely happy phalange, whose role in life is to spread crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery joy, as well as pithy sayings. A handful of videos give some background on the finger’s history and party-hearty personality. There’s also a “Finger Fun Hotline” at (866) 8-FINGER, where you can leave a message for the finger or listen to other people’s messages. (“Listen closely. Our options are always changing, because the finger likes variety.”) It’s fairly engaging, although maybe not send-to-you-friends type stuff. The larger question is whether it’s wise to build a campaign around a black-and-white hand with one conspicuous brown finger. Hopefully that really is mud.

—Posted by Tim Nudd