Flyers Fans Boo Cancer PSA With Rival Players in It

Way to go, Philadelphia!

It's something of a sports cliché that Philadelphia sports fans never disappoint, because they always disappoint. But Flyers fans set a new low for themselves when a group of them booed members of rival teams as they appeared in a PSA about fighting cancer. The ad was shown between periods during a Philly game against the Vancouver Canucks, and Twitter lit up with condemnations of the childish, knee-jerk response. The Puck Daddy blog, for its part, doesn't want us to think Flyers fans are pro-cancer, and jokingly questions the arena's decision to run the ad at all, knowing there would be rival players in it. Since trying to shame Philly sports fans for being assholes is impossible, I'd like them to keep running the ad during games, just to see if fans continue to boo it, and for how long. If it becomes a tradition, then the rest of us will know which city to wall in when the apocalypse comes. 

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