Flickr Flips Its ‘About’ Page Upside Down, Revealing Fossilized Job Ad in the Source Code

Yep, it's still there

Back in the aughts, when Google wanted to recruit developers, it famously put up a billboard with a complex math problem that led to a website with an even more complex math problem. Last year, when Flickr, owned by Yahoo, wanted to recruit developers, it less famously hid a link to its jobs site in the page's source code—which unlike some superhuman math problem, any old muppet from the non-coder underclass can access using the menu bar or keyboard hotkeys.

Last week, the buried ad—"You're reading. We're hiring"—drew new attention, because Flickr decided to turn its about page upside down in celebration of Australia Day. Because everybody knows everything is upside in Australia. The gimmick even earned a tongue-in-cheek 1990s-Sandra-Bullock-computer-themed critique over at Hacker News, which we guess is worth some kind of geeky street cred.

Flickr also tells Techcrunch that it changed the head shots of its team members on the site to better reflect Australia—like pictures of kangaroos. That's nice, but it would have been way more impressive if Flickr had actually taught kangaroos to code.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.