Fitness Company’s Video Goes Viral Thanks to Dude Taking a Dump in the Background

Intentional or honest mistake?

Viral marketing can be a dirty business. Check out this fitness video from, purveyor of home-workout routines and equipment. Right around the :33 mark, you'll notice a surprise guest on the left who is engaged in a whole different kind of exercise. What do you think—an honest mistake at a low-budget shoot, or a sneaky trick to get attention? Via Reddit, where the top comment presents this five-point conspiracy theory:

1. Are we expected to believe that this guy takes a shit with the door open normally?

2. This guy wouldn't leave the door open when there's a camera, which he can clearly see, looking at him.

3. The person operating the camera would have noticed this guy taking a shit.

4. The lights in the bathroom are off. This doesn't make sense unless it was done in order to make the guy less obvious, which would only be done if they were trying to make this look like a mistake.

5. Comments on the ad are being held for approval. Any comment pointing out that this ad is staged is not being approved.

Hard to argue, really. I would add a sixth incriminating observation: TheDailyHiit's online store is called The Shiit.