The Fish at This Grocery Store Are So Fresh, They’re Still Rattling Around in Their Boxes

Fun Y&R stunt reels in shoppers

Nothing says fresh fish quite like the anguished death spasms they exhibit upon being caught, which Y&R Poland recently simulated in amusing fashion for a grocery-store prank.

The agency, working with creative lab Jack the Maker and production company Raymond, created "The Live Fish Pack," which looks like a fish in a box—but behaves like a fresh catch by jumping around now and then. As a fun added touch, the boxes were connected by wifi to a proximity sensor, allowing them to sense when shoppers were approaching—and start shaking and jumping accordingly.

Check out video of the prank here: 

To spread the slightly macabre fun beyond the immediate shoppers, Y&R broadcast the prank on a website, where people could see the store in real time and activate the three "live packs"—dorada, mackerel and tilapia—to prank the shoppers.


Client: Mila

Agency: Y&R Poland

Executive Creative Director: Luis Tauffer

EVP, Global Director of Creative Operations: Paul Schulman

Copywriter: Luis Tauffer

Art Director: Tomaz Wozniak

Art Director: Piotr Jakubowski

Copywriter: Michal Konert

Account Manager: Paula Gurgul

Managing Partner/Y&R Mobile: Romek Lubczynski

Web Developer: Adam Karpowicz

Managing Partner/Labstore: Grzegorz Sierzputowski

CEO: Michał Kazimierczak

Chief Creative Officer/Y&R Europe: Jaime Mandelbaum 

Creative Lab: Jack the Maker

Technological development

Production Company: Raymond

Head of Production: Piotr Owsianka

Agency Producer: Agnieszka Fatek / Jan Deluga / Michał Zamencki

Print Producer: Rafal Pawela

DTP: Darek Kurnikowski

Video Director: Piotr Janowski

DOP: Lukasz Gutt, Sebastian Kniza

Set designer: Paulina Szpila

Photographer: Katarzyna Hryciow /Jacek Kolodziejski/ Anna Loskiewicz

Video Editor: Ziemowit Jaworski/ Stephan Stefanski/ Jan Taras

Video Production: Mniam TV

Post Production: Badi Badi