Find Elvis alive, pocket a cool $3 million

The Elvis-is-alive “conspiracy” has been the stuff of countless jokes over the years, mostly at the expense of Southerners who can’t accept the King’s less-than-dignified abdication of his throne. But to many people, it’s no joke. So many, in fact, that filmmaker Adam Muskiewicz is putting together a documentary on the subject called The Truth About Elvis. “I have personally made it my mission,” he writes, “to document my search through the most comprehensive documentary film ever made on this subject.” The film, set to drop in a year, features expert analysis from the guy who robbed Presley’s grave at Forest Hill Cemetery, the guy who played Eugene in Grease, and the lead singer of the Red Elvises. (Also scary: The film’s Web site,, is unavailable because its bandwidth has been exceeded.) To drum up more publicity, the filmmaker is offering $3 million to anyone who tracks down Elvis alive. Not quite a Bin Laden-esque haul, but not terrible. “This is a legitimate reward offer,” the filmmaker writes. “Both the reward and The Truth About Elvis film are not parodies, and this is not an attempt to make fun of Elvis or the myth that Elvis is alive.”