Film my Super Bowl commercial. Seriously.

The NFL has launched a contest to find “the best Super Bowl commercial ever. Seriously.” Chevy and Frito-Lay beat the league to the punch with similar DIY contests. I’ve entered both of those (here on AdFreak, not through actual entry channels), so I think I’ll take a crack at the NFL competition. The league says entries must be “football-related, with no other brands featured.” How IOC of the NFL. My spot would be for the greatest brand of all: world peace. We open with a lion cuddling up to a lamb. The lion morphs into Michael Jordan; the lamb turns into Janet Jackson. “Support world peace!” they cry, as great football players of the past rise from the end zone and join Michael, Janet and other celebs—I dunno, Elton John, Bono and Paul McCartney?—in rousing choruses of “Let It Be.” Maybe a non-denominational God-like figure smiles down from a cloud just above the light tower. If Bono chooses to wear Ray Bans, or if Elton shows up clad in Armani, and Janet’s wrapped in Dior, what can you do? If Paul munches Fritos or Michael drives off in a Camaro—so what? It’s not about brands. It’s about the NFL. And the IOC. And world peace. Seriously.

—Posted by David Gianatasio