Feisty Eva Longoria Gives Dude a Sexy Shave for L'Oréal Men

But why is she doing all the work?

Eva Longoria is celebrating Valentine's Day by giving a man a sassy shave in this L'Oréal Men campaign. She seems to be talking to guys in the video, reprimanding them for not working hard enough on being sexy and telling them they need to wash up and be presentable for their ladies. She also yells at guys in general, saying women can't do all the work … then paradoxically, she does all the work in shaving him. Even more confusing, the on-screen copy suggests ladies will get the best out of their man if they "flirt it out of him," and then directs women, who we all know are the buyers of dude products, to a website where they can answer a few questions and find out the perfect gift for their man. Surprise, it's a L'Oréal product! And … a DVD. Who even buys DVDs anymore? Anyhow, a sultry shave isn't the worst idea for Valentine's Day. And feisty Eva is the right woman for the job.