Feeling itchy beneath a mountain of debt

Debtdisease "Keep it in your pants." If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that around the AdFreak office! I wish HR would get a sense of humor. Anyway, if I had said collection of dimes, I’d be able to pay off my creditors. Which segues seamlessly into a discussion of the Keep It in Your Pants PSA competition targeting credit-card “debt disease.” The Service Employees International Union and the League of Young Voters sponsor the contest. There’s a $5,000 first prize for best homemade debt-awareness video. I probably don’t qualify to enter, but if I did, I’d film an average tear-filled day in my debt-ridden life, punctuated by pithy dialogue like, “What petty cash? You can’t prove nothin’ ” and “Can I borrow $1,000 for a cup of coffee?” I’m a little short on funds, so I’d use my Discover Card to finance the project. Next year’s corporate tie-in is a no-brainer: “Keep it in your John Deere Jeans!”

—Posted by David Gianatasio