Father’s Day: The Crappier the Card, the Bigger the Love

One of the challenges of being a father must be the developing the ability to enjoy works of so-called art by your offspring—a fact immortalized in "I am better than your kids," the classic site dedicated to taking children's drawings down a notch or 10. The Father's Day spot below by Muhtayzik/Hoffer for TinyPrints, an online seller of customizable stationery, evokes that meme and momentarily ameliorates the underlying truth, telling a charming visual memoir through a lifetime of handmade holiday messages for Dad. You can do no wrong—even if your card is not the most brilliantly designed, or is just a toddler's illegible scrawl, or portrays Dad as a button-eyed, yarn-brained, pipe-cleaner-mouth love child of Carmen Miranda and Mr. Potato Head. You win just by showing up. And that's where TinyPrints comes in. Its cards are also handmade. Well, sort of—you drag and drop text and photos on the computer—today's version of arts and crafts. Bottom line: No matter how old you are now, your father will love your card because it's personalized. Overall, it's an appealing spot that's on message, following a similar Mother's Day spot for the brand (posted after the jump). Notably, this one gets a significant boost from the music, which, while produced by sound-design shop Volume, strikingly knacks DeVotchKa's score for Little Miss Sunshine