Fashion gets hairy in viral Remington ad

Remington Pubic hair is finally coming out of the shadows and getting the attention it deserves. First, we had the frightening (yet “shamelessly sexy”) pubic-hair underwear. Now, we get a must-see (yet not at work) viral commercial from Remington featuring a fashion designer who’s a mad genius at making over his models’ hirsute nether parts. As he gently caresses one model’s ZZ-Top-esque thatch (which we’re told has blossomed over a period of three years), the designer straightfacedly says, “This is something that they’ll have to cherish forever.” You can cherish it for the full 2:48. Here’s the accompanying Web site (also not safe for work). Classic stuff from Grey Advertising in London. UPDATE: The video was commissioned by Grey but actually created by The Viral Factory.

—Posted by Tim Nudd