Falling Man on 'Mad Men' Posters Gets Some Visitors

Teaser ads altered in humorous ways

They didn't have "memes" in Don Draper's day, but they drank and smoked 24/7 and perfected the use of pomade in social settings, so it was basically a better world. Anyway, kudos to the folks who've done such a great job tagging NYC subway posters for the March 25 return of Mad Men on AMC for its fifth season. I guess the posters qualify as "interactive advertising," with all that white space inviting people to show off their creativity by placing the "falling man" silhouette in unexpectedly kooky situations. They didn't have interactive advertising in Draper's day either, but they got into kooky situations with gals from the typing pool all the time. Variations on the meme (some from subway cards, others created online) include "Little Draper" bouncing on a playground trampoline, about to be swallowed by Cookie Monster and heading for a shapely female derriere. (Guess which one Little Draper prefers?) Flip the silhouette upside-down, and he doesn't seem to be falling anymore. In fact, it looks like he's running—hauling ass as fast as he can. Fleeing the ad biz with what's left of his sanity? Via Laughing Squid.