Fake pirated DVDs give legit pirates a run for their doubloons

South Africans are thinking twice before plunking down 40 rand (about $6 U.S.) for their pirated copy of RV, thanks to a brilliant stunt by TBWA Hunt Lascaris. The agency has hired its own street corner hustlers to hawk fake pirated DVDs, according to this story. After a few moments of watching Robin Williams in all his hairy hilarity, this message appears: "Thank you for buying this DVD. Your R40 has been donated to the Anti-Piracy Foundation. Piracy is a crime." And while it doesn’t pay, crime isn’t exactly taking you to the cleaners either. The agency has arranged for two theater chains to accept the fakes in exchange for a legitimate movie ticket, up to a 38 rand value!

—Posted by Deanna Zammit