Is Fabio getting too pricey?

We’re guessing that Fabio’s price has gotten too high for some advertisers, based on a current Dairy Queen ad that uses a character so much like Fabio you have to practically press your nose up to the screen to be sure it’s not him. (Annoyingly, the ad isn’t online at any of the usual suspects. If anyone digs it up, let us know.) It seems a bit redundant to have someone faking the job of being Fabio; on the other hand, the resurrection of Fabio’s career, based on the Nationwide commercial from the Super Bowl, continues apace. He’s still running the voting for best hunk over at, and the aforementioned Nationwide commercial, which seemed like just another cheap joke when it launched, at least now qualifies as a cheap joke with unusual longevity. (Hmmm … was that an unintentional life insurance pun?) Anyway, it remains one of the most popular videos on iFilm, ranking 13th overall over the last seven days.

 —Posted by Catharine P. Taylor