Expedia Has an Idea for Parents Who Travel Too Much for Work

Cash in your reward points for a trip your kids won't forget

Parents, Expedia wants to offer you a consolation prize for all the heartbreaking time you have to spend traveling for business rather than being at home with your kids.

Instead of making them settle for toy animals from the airport kiosk, says a new ad, try taking your daughter on a safari, financed by the rewards points you've racked up booking flights and hotels as you bounce around for your day job.

The ad, in its broad strokes, can't help but be a little reminiscent of Up in the Air (though Expedia's hero certainly doesn't seem averse to personal commitment).

Mostly, the commercial is a sweet bit of family-driven storytelling and a nice addition to Expedia's growing collection of ads about much more than just airfare or accommodations. The uplifting piano music and emphasis on computers make it feel a little like a Google commercial—another take on how technology can enrich your life.

If you're wondering how many Expedia+ Rewards points it takes to afford a safari, the guy in the ad has more than 83,000 points banked. With Expedia typically rewarding one point per dollar spent on booking, that's obviously a whole lot of trips.


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