Exchange your gun for a nice sex toy today


Here’s a retailer who knows a good ad gimmick when she creates one. Pleasures, a purveyor of erotica in Huntsville, Ala., launched the country’s first sex-shop drive-through, for those who prefer their porn on the go. Now, it’s kicked off a guns-for-sex-toys trade-in program, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Heart warming! Sherri Williams, the enterprising owner of Pleasures, whose husband happens to be a licensed gun dealer, may be hedging against a sluggish economy, but she’s also spreading a “Make love, not war” message. That’s tough to argue with, even if the deed happens with a blow-up doll. The store, which will turn over any illegal guns to the cops and send the rest for auction, is advertising the promotion as “trading guns off the streets for FUN between the sheets!” Those swapping their pieces will get Pleasures credit, and money from any auctioned weapons will go to victims of gun violence. The goal is to take 300 guns off the street, says the store’s online ad. No word on how many tiny teddies they hope to move.