ESPN chronicles bracket-picking process

Here's a fun spot from the hoopsters at Wieden + Kennedy promoting ESPN's Tournament Challenge. (Is there a big college basketball tourney this month? Someone really should alert the nation's advertisers.) Anyway, the ad depicts creative ways for fans to choose which teams to pick in the March Madness bracket. Among the best: dropping a shoebox with two eggs inside, revealing Villanova cracking up against Georgetown (a matchup that's about as likely this year as the odds of only breaking one egg in a dropped shoebox). We're also shown two strips of flypaper representing Vanderbilt and Texas, respectively; there are more flies on the latter, but — think about it — is that really such a good sign for the team's chances? My alma mater, Boston University, is in the field this year. The Terriers' odds of winning are roughly 50 zillion to 1, which, ironically, are also the odds of my ever sending them a check in response to those alumni appeals they keep mailing me. Go BU!

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