The entertainment value of Enron

As the Enron trial concludes its third week in Houston, some people in the disgraced corporation’s hometown are preparing to laugh and sing about it. According to The New York Post, a musical about one of the biggest corporate scandals ever is playing in a local repertory theatre–though this doesn’t sound too promising for several reasons. For one, the guy who wrote it sells cleaning supplies by day (it’s not that cleaning supply salesman can’t write, but …) and it features songs about arcane topics such as “Enron’s falsified sale of Nigerian power barges.” Hmmm. The Enron-based career of Nrun, a former employee turned rapper who is also mentioned in the Post story, looks (marginally) more promising. At his site, you can preview such tracks as “Executive Memorandum”and “Drop the ‘S’ off Skilling.” We hear that he’s been handing out the CD to the media outside the trial.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor