Enjoy a nice Diesel fragrance ad to the face

Fred & Farid's ads for Diesel's Only the Brave fragrance are disturbing. What's with the fist-shaped bottle? It seems awfully clenched and angry. Adweek's Eleftheria Parpis explains: "The new fragrance attempts to redefine masculinity … and the campaign tries to turn a symbol, usually of violence, power or … courage into a philosophy of life." I'm not buying it, Diesel! That fist looks primed to strike. Threateningly propped between the legs of Common and other models, it's not a symbol of some new code of manhood, but a tired totem of macho sexuality and aggression. By implication, the guys are spruced up for the evening and spoiling for a fight. Yeah, they smell great, but they'll gladly use force to get their way.

—Posted by David Gianatasio