El Pollo Loco has a beef with KFC’s chicken

The Los Angeles Times has the scoop on KFC's next potential PR fiasco. It turns out the marinade for KFC's new grilled chicken contains beef. So, not only isn't it grilled (it's cooked in an oven), it's not even completely chicken. PR reps for KFC claim the marinade, which contains beef powder and beef fat, is only 0.2% beef, but that doesn't help anyone who keeps beef out of their diet for either religious or ethical concerns. The chain's competitor, El Pollo Loco, has decided to play up that fact in its next ad campaign, after learning about it (get this) through a customer's Tweet. Check out their surprisingly boring opening spot, where EPL's president stands in a cow pasture, and the BeefyChicken.com site. Last month, EPL accused KFC of prank calling them, and KFC had to apologize for its Oprah distribution boo-boo. What's up with KFC? Is it just a cry for help or a legitimate attempt at brand suicide?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers