EIBWC Podcast: How Creators Help Brands Stay Connected to Culture

Forbes CMO Network managing director Seth Matlins on the importance of empathy and collaboration

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Why are younger generations rejecting idealized marketing? Because they crave authenticity!

On this episode of the Everything Is Better With Creators podcast, Forbes CMO Network managing director Seth Matlins shares his insights on the importance of empathy and collaboration, and how it all ties back to creators.

In his role, Matlins is shaping the strategy for one of the most influential marketing communities worldwide. He’s also the force behind transformative initiatives like the CVS Beauty Mark platform, the federal legislation for truth in advertising, and groundbreaking partnerships like Coke’s presence in American Idol. 

Matlins describes the relationship between creators and marketers as a dynamic dance, blending imperfections with strengths to create something both familiar and new. Join us as he shares how authenticity and vulnerability play a significant role in the success of YouTubers, why he’s challenging how we think about traditional notions, and how the popularity of creators reflects a broader societal perspective on the role of business and marketing in shaping the future.

Tune in for an extraordinary conversation with Matlins as we venture deep into the heart of marketing’s evolving journey.