EIBWC Podcast: Reaching Gen Z and Gen Alpha

How Claire's made a breakthrough in creator marketing with Kristin Patrick, evp and CMO at Claire’s 

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Leading a successful business transformation is an art.

In today’s episode of Everything Is Better With Creators, we’re speaking with Kristin Patrick, evp and chief marketing Officer of Claire’s, about how she took the company from ear piercing to world domination.

What Kristen Patrick has achieved is truly a masterpiece. She credits the team’s success to listening and understanding what their consumers really want.

In less than 18 months, Patrick and her team have transformed Claire’s global retail fleet of 2800 stores into a must-have brand for fans of all ages by focusing on self-expression. By listening to fans and inviting consumers and creators into the business, the brand launched shops at Galeries Lafayette, Macy’s and Walmart. The company created a Roblox game called “ShimmerVille,” which includes an accessories line from Roblox creator MeganPlays and announced a partnership with Nicola Formichetti, the Japanese Italian designer known for his collaborations with Lady Gaga.

Join us as we explore the canvas of Claire’s transformation, revealing the art and cultural savvy that has made Claire’s a brand that is so much bigger than its doors.