EIBWC Podcast: How Turo Found Its Drive With Creators

How the ride-sharing platform creates campaigns that resonate

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There are three fundamental questions that every marketer should ask when crafting a campaign: Is it relevant? Is it wonderful? And is it unexpected?

In this episode of Everything Is Better With Creators, Matt Kerbel, director of strategic brand planning at Turo, shares his insights on how to answer those questions and create campaigns that truly resonate.

Turo is the world’s largest ride-sharing platform. Think of it as Airbnb for cars.

But more than that, Turo pays close attention to what their audience wants, recognizing that creators are increasingly becoming the most trusted when it comes to purchase decisions.

So buckle up as Kerbel takes us on Turo’s journey to help consumers find their drive. Plus, how Turo uses creative strategies to engage its audience and why creators are at the heart of it all.