Egypt, Tunisia appeal to tourists in new ads

The recent revolution may have battered Egypt’s tourism industry, but it might also hold the key to bringing international visitors back. On Thursday, Egypt unveiled a new ad campaign that celebrates the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak and urges travelers to experience the afterglow for themselves. Eventually planned for TV, print, online and outdoor, the campaign was launched at tourism trade show ITB Berlin with a series of slogans, such as, “Welcome to the country of peaceful revolution” and, “Tahrir—a square rocks the world.” Tunisia has also announced plans for a tourism campaign that centers on its revolution, which began in December and set off a history-making series of uprisings across the Middle East. Egypt’s new tourism chief is optimistic the country can surge back to its 2010 total of 14.2 million visitors, while Tunisia is shooting to reach 80 percent of last year’s tourism volume, which was about 7 million people. Still not stable enough for you to book a trip? Well, there’s always Israel, which is launching its own new tourism positioning—as a nice alternative to Egypt and Tunisia.