E.D. advertiser thrilled with ‘bonk’ headline


The Advanced Medical Institute, an Australian company that specializes in erectile-dysfunction treatment, is hoping to smooth things over with the country's ad censors by changing its billboard headlines from "Want longer-lasting sex?" to "Bonk longer!" The earlier line was deemed unacceptable for a billboard because it might cause children to ask their parents what sex is. The replacement line is genius, AMI believes, because kids are less likely to care what "bonk" means—and even if they do, the parents can just lie about it. Says a spokesman: "I think that people who understand the word 'bonk' understand it, and the ones who don't, don't. … I don't think [kids] would ask about the word 'bonk' as they would about 'sex,' and if they do, parents are free to just gloss over it and say it's nothing important."

—Posted by Tim Nudd