Durex China ad explores a world of orgasms

Warning: Audio is NSFW. A condom video presenting female orgasms from around the world? You know you want to watch. Except, there's nothing to see. Just a black screen with audio and titles like "Ingenue," "Gaspingly" and "Sobbingly." Yeah, I've heard a lot of sobs through the years from women in my bed, though for different reasons. There's also "Lamblike," which, from the sound of it, goes a tad heavy on the mint jelly. As for "American Style," well, on Jersey Shore, or in the apartment next door to mine on a Saturday night, maybe. Durex is the advertiser, China is the country of origin. Ads of the World credits Exis for creative development. It's NSFW. But you knew that was coming.

—Posted by David Gianatasio