Dude in a Jetpack Flies Around ‘World’s Most Expensive Billboard’

Costs didn't quite reach $1.3 billion

Energy drink Go Fast! and Skydive Dubai hired a guy with a jetpack to zip around a giant co-branded sign planted in front of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, which is located in Dubai. The clients boast that this is the world's most expensive billboard, and have floated the figure of $1.3 billion into the ether—though the fine print explains that number would be the cost of the promotion if the flight had lasted a month. Since rocket-boy only soared for about 30 seconds using uber-expensive fuel, the stunt was more a waste of time (mine included) than money. The making-of video below—for pity's sake, remember to mute that seizure-inducing arena-rock soundtrack—is edited to make the flight seem longer. Note the many empty seats in the observer section on the ground. The few folks who showed up seem about as impressed as I am. Via PSFK.

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