Drink beer, and live to be 100

Red wine gets most of the good press when it comes to health benefits. But maybe it’s beer’s turn. Asked by her local Massachusetts paper for advice on how to live to 100, Irene Alice Goguen, who reached the milestone on Monday, said simply, “Drink beer. I did. I’m still living.” It didn’t hurt that she and her husband owned a restaurant, and so had plenty of brew on hand. “It was nice. We had a good business. We sold beer,” she said. It’s true that red wine has special powers—namely, a molecule called resveratrol, which is believed by some researchers to switch on some sort of “longevity gene.” But drinking a moderate amount of any alcohol regularly—no matter the form—is generally considered healthy. Of course, some stories in the media may overstate the case. Just wait until the frat boys see the headline, “Guzzling Beer Helps Rats Stay Cancer-Free.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd