Down and dirty with the Sci Fi Channel

We hadn’t heard of the Sci Fi show Tripping the Rift until last night, when we saw (and heard) a talking ad for it in the men’s room of a bar. Judging by the marketing, this is one raunchy program. The ad features a picture of the cartoon’s female android (most of her in 2-D, but with an impressive plastic 3-D chest), along with a tiny speaker, through which the character’s voice whispers sweet NC17-rated nothings. The ad also points to, which leads to the show’s Web site. There, too, the theme seems to be relentless sexual innuendo. One sentence in the show’s description reads, “No one’s really sure what job, if any, is performed by teen slacker Whip, but everyone knows what kinds of jobs sexy android Six specializes in.” Are they serious? There’s even a short, stubby character named “Chode,” whose interests include “whoring, whoring and more whoring.” Don’t look now, but here’s one definition for the word chode—and it ain’t pretty.

—Posted by Tim Nudd