Dove finding real beauty on Upper East Side

While you might not immediately make the connection between Gossip Girl's uproariously shallow beauties and Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove will illuminate everything this coming Monday, April 27, with the launch a series of documercials about four real girls whose lives and posh outfits mirror those of GG's privileged characters. Check the trailer above—it's just like the Real Housewives, but aimed at teens. The clips will air exclusively during Gossip Girl and online, where you can also catch the girls' blogs. In typical Dove brand fashion, all four girls appear scrubbed clean of makeup, but for some unspecified reason, the particular product they're pushing is Go Fresh Body Wash in Burst, which I can only assume helps you burst onto the scene smelling like nectarines. According to the press release, I'm right. It helps girls "start their days with a burst of energy and inspiration." The connection to the product on the Web site is tenuous at best, and seems to boil down to a peachy color scheme. I'm not entirely sure why they picked a single product at all. But who cares? Free gossipy content masquerading as a Dove commercial, I dig. Via Y Pulse.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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