Doritos Made a Line of Ketchup-Chips Streetwear, and It’s Not a Total Goof

Red-y to wear fashions from BBDO

Doritos Canada

If your taste in fashion runs to ketchup-chip inspired T-shirts, letterman jackets, crewneck sweaters, duffel bags and caps, Doritos Canada has the streetwear line for you.

BBDO Toronto helped develop the collection, which celebrates the seasonal appearance of limited-edition Doritos Ketchup snacks at retail locations across the wide, wintery expanses of our neighbor to the north.

Naturally, blazing tomato hues figure prominently in the designs, on display in stylish shots below from a lookbook created by photographer Jamal Burger:

Rad merch, eh? (Well, it’s red-y to wear, at any rate.)

“Each year, we bring back Doritos Ketchup for a limited time, which has created a large group of die-hard fans who truly covet this flavor,” Shereen Yasseen, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay Core & Global Brands, tells AdFreak. “We wanted to give our fans a way to express their love for the flavor beyond the few months Doritos Ketchup is available.”

Most items quickly sold out, though fans can still enter a contest to win the entire collection.

The Doritos Ketchup line has earned praise from fashionistas, who applaud its street authenticity, wearability and restrained camp factor compared to some other entries in the category. (McDonald’s Egg McMuffin hoodie, Pizza Hut’s pepperoni scarf, KFC’s drumstick socks—it’s enough to give you indigestion!)

“We explored other ideas but felt some drifted into more of a kitschy territory,” Yasseen says. “We wanted to do our best to stay true to streetwear culture and create a line our fans would actually want to wear. It became less about plastering the product everywhere and more about being inspired by the flavor itself.”

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